Chibok Girls and International Coalition

Chibok Girls and International Coalition

What appears as an international coalition to fight terrorism in Nigeria especially the Boko Haram insurgency is consistent with international co-operation to make the world a more peaceful place for humanity. Nigeria is a signatory to the international treaty to global peace. Nigeria has consistently contributed its armed forces and resources to the maintenance of peace in many countries of the world especially in Africa at great human and material cost.

Now that Nigeria is at the receiving end, it is an expected and deserved reciprocal gesture to receive the support and solidarity of the international community. It is in this respect that Nigerians should accept with gratitude the support given to her by United States of America (USA), Great Britain, France, Israel, China and our African neighbouring countries such as Niger, Chad, and Cameroon.

The goodwill that President Jonathan has earned for Nigerians through his brand of leadership is largely responsible for the spontaneous support and solidarity of these Nations.

It is commendable that a major conference has recently held in Paris with the leadership of our aforementioned neighbouring countries under the coordination of the French Prime Minister to go into concrete programme to fight terrorism in Nigeria from a joint and coordinated front.

Every patriotic Nigerian must support and encourage this bold initiative. This is not the time for political grandstanding, this is the time for patriotic disposition to a cankerworm that defies any rationality or logic. It is pedestrian to introduce National Pride or Ego in the matter of accepting international assistance in a matter like this. Afghanistan would have returned to the Stone Age without international coalition to stop the Al Qaeda in that country.

Iraq would not have returned to democracy but for International co-operation. Similarly, in our recent history, what is known, as the Second World War would have destroyed most of the universe except for the cooperation of the Allied forces. Today Germany is recognised as the strongest economy in Europe.

Chief Barr. Dan Nwanyanwu mni OFR