Former Labour party chairman, Barr. Dan Nwanyanwu has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to reconstitute his economic team as a matter of urgency, he made the call during an interview on AIT’s programme “MATTERS ARISING”.

He called on the president to bring in young people who are intelligent to take the risk and resuscitate the dying economy of Nigeria.
Dan says that it is a shame that a country like Nigeria is at this age and time and in the face of poverty, is calling on people to change their mentality after you have promised to change their life.
Citing on the recent post of the minister for Agriculture, that “Nigerians eat too much rice and that is why rice is expensive” say it is a laughable comment and should not be heard from a minister.
He therefore called on Mr President to go back to the drawing board and irrespective of what anyone thinks, should bring in the best hands that can proffer solutions now, as that is what Nigerians are yearning for.